2022 Color of the Year


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2022 Color of the Year

Zenith 0647
Posted 10/16/2021
Dreaming of the Day

Zenith 0647

Zenith is a deep blue that provides restful comfort for both body and mind. This color frees our spirit and makes a powerful statement of strength and empowerment while offering quiet beauty that connects spaces, cultures, and generations.

Zenith pairs well as an accent with Diamond Vogel’s 2022 Trend colors, providing a distinct statement when paired with neutrals and near-whites. As a grounding color, this deep blue complements greens, soft blues, and yellows.


Zenith Living Room

Peaceful Confidence

This serene hue evokes feelings of peaceful confidence, compassion, and courage, all important today as we navigate through and reinvent many aspects of our lives.

Zenith Living Room

Inspired by Sea and Sky

This hue takes its cue from the power of the ocean and the quiet beauty of sky’s last light.

Zenith Exterior House

Uplifting Energy

Zenith’s creative spirit delivers inspiration to both residential and commercial interior and exterior spaces, offering a welcoming, friendly hello, as well as staying power with confidence and uplifting energy.

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