Interior Coatings
• Drywall Staining: Cause & Effect
• Painting Concrete Floors Offer Huge Opportunities
• Finishing Exterior Plywood
• Protecting New Exterior Masonry Surfaces
Exterior Coatings
• Great Painting Contractors Make Painting Projects Easier
• Decorating for Kids Made Easy
• Remodeling Resources
• Easy Faux Finishing
Exterior Coatings
Glossary of Terms
Definitions of terms commonly used in the painting industry

Surface Preparation and Application Information
Summary of surface prep instructions and specific information for: steel, galvanized metal, concrete and levels of gypsum board finish

Estimating Guide
Formulas for measuring surface area
Exterior Coatings
• New 2010 EPA Lead Rules Guideline
• Surfactant Leaching (Exudate Staining)
• Tips for Long-lasting Exterior Paint Jobs
• Cold Weather Exterior Painting
• Concrete Preparation Techniques
• Dew Point Calculation Chart
• Tannin Staining
• Surfactant Leaching
• Wax Bleeding on Hardboard Siding
• Mildew Identification and Control
• Finishing Exterior Plywood
• Painting Cement Siding
• Painting Vinyl Siding
• Painting Aluminum Siding
• Allowance of Drying Time
• Application Conditions for Exterior Latex Paints
• Coating Decks
• Comparing Latex and Oil Paint
• Factors Affecting Drying Rates
• Interior Stains and Clear Coatings
• Maintaining Exterior Paint
• Maintaining Interior Paint
• Maximum Sheen Uniformity
• Painting Exterior Window Trim
• Painting Metal Siding
• Painting Older Homes
• Painting Exterior Elastomeric Wall Coatings
• Solvents used with Paints and Coatings
• Touch Up Problems
Our history of excellent coatings and customer service.
Material Satety Data Sheets for our products.
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