About the Palette
The Studio Collection, consisting of a palette of 1320 updated colors and is arranged in color families for ease in selecting the right color to enhance any décor. The 1320 color palette is comprised of 60 Lighter Off-White Colors that make ideal background colors for today's lifestyles. In addition, there are 60 Bolder Accent Colors that make a statement of style and fashion and have a traditional feeling that is rich, complex and are timeless classics. The remaining 1200 colors come in a full spectrum of colors that will help you complete the new look and feel that you are after, in your environment.
Online Color Selection
The new Diamond Vogel Studio Collection Web Colorizer enables you to view an electronic version of our entire color system. It also allows you to click on a color and view all the coordinating colors for that color. It’s easy to build your own professional color scheme – monochromatic, complementary, triadic, analogous, split complement, or double complement!

You can also use the Search feature to find coordinates for a color based on its 4 digit color number.

Decorating Made Simple
Confused about color? Check out Diamond Vogel's Decorating Made Simple Book. Decorating Made Simple combines basic color theory with classic color stories in an easy to understand format that is immediately applicable to your own decorating projects.

Diamond Vogel's Color Wheel Basics is an online version of the Decorating Made Simple brochure and contains helpful color information for creating full color based room decor!

Get a FREE copy of Decorating Made Simple from your nearest Diamond Vogel Service Center, by emailing us your mailing address or by calling 712-737-9888.

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