Product Number Product Name (Click name for sell sheet, when available.) Datasheet MSDS
AZ-Series CoteALL® Universal Primer Datasheet MSDS
BF-1501 Permafil High Performance Acrylic Block Filler Datasheet MSDS
BF-1504 FIL-KOTE Acrylic Block Filler Datasheet MSDS
BF-1507 SUPER PRO Interior Block Filler Datasheet MSDS
BF-1515 DiaPRO® Acrylic Enamel Undercoat Datasheet MSDS
CU-1401 Alkyd Enamel Undercoat Datasheet MSDS
CU-1622 SURE-BLOCK® II Int/Ext Stain Blocking Primer Datasheet MSDS
DU-1502 Acrylic Latex Primer/Sealer Datasheet MSDS
DU-1507 P.V.A Latex Primer/Sealer Datasheet MSDS
DU-1508 Latex Enamel Undercoat Datasheet MSDS
DU-1511 VANTAGE-primer Interior Latex Primer/Sealer Datasheet MSDS
DU-1514 Apex Premium Primer/Sealer Datasheet MSDS
DU-1520 PRE-TEX Interior Latex Primer/Surfacer Datasheet MSDS
DU-1550 GLASS-lock Latex Primer Datasheet MSDS
DU-1590 HEALTH-KOTE® Primer Datasheet MSDS
LG-0414 Miracle Glaze Urethane Sealer Datasheet MSDS
MC-1234 V-Cote® 100 Acrylic Epoxy Block Filler (2 Component) Datasheet Part A MSDS
MC-Series V-Cote® 200 Acrylic Maintenance Primer/Finish Datasheet MSDS
MC-1520 V-Cote® 203 Acrylic Maintenance Primer/Finish Mid-Sheen Datasheet MSDS
MU-1501 Diamond Prime Universal Primer Datasheet MSDS
To the best of our knowledge, all Diamond Vogel Paint products which fall under the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulation,
meet the requirements as stated in 16 CFR 1303. If a General Conformity Certification is required for a specific product,
please email us here.
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