Optimism and Simplicity Drive Diverse Color Palette in 2010.
Optimism for the future and respect for a simpler lifestyle drive 2010 color trends in Diamond Vogel's Colour Canvas Collection.
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Note: On-screen and printer color representations may vary from actual paint colors.
Beige Boutique: The neutral appearance of beige makes it the perfect color for luxury. The Beige Boutique palette includes: Subdue, Puffan, Freeline, Understated, Sensibility, Entity and Silhouette. View Beige Boutique Collection Here.
Building Beauty (Exterior Trends): Exterior trends include soft green-cast grays and clay beiges which are the perfect body color of today's home. The Building Beauty palette includes: Facade, Dwelling, Bauble, Trinket, Charm, Spark and Feature. View Building Beauty Collection Here.
Respect: A soft palette of watery blues, light yellow-greens and earthy colors from nature. The Respect palette includes: Considerate, Nourishing, Mirror, Diluted, Quality, Honour and Gentle Gemstone. View Respect Collection Here.
Radical: Expect color combinations to evolve into unusual pairings, breaking color harmony rules within this radical color palette. The Radical palette includes: Uneasy, Off the Wall, Extreme, Rule Breaker, Astounding, Over Stated and Ridicule. View Radical Collection Here.
Reactive: This palette features fresh colors that lift and inspire, enhancing mood with new color combinations. The Reactive palette includes: Soothing, Fantasy, Predictable, Calming, Appreciation, Integrity and Companion. View Reactive Collection Here.
Keeping with the Trends...
Our professionally trained and certified colourists constantly scour the globe sourcing the latest in styles and trends.

Under their inspiration, walls become a canvas of lively tones or serene shades. Presented in a handy pocket-size portfolio, each colour can be conveniently compared to your existing or potential choices.

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