Product Number Product Name (Click name for sell sheet, when available.) Datasheet MSDS
AZ-Series CoteALL® Universal Primer Datasheet MSDS
AZ-Series CoteALL® Multi-Purpose Enamel Datasheet MSDS
AZ-2401 CoteALL® Aluminum Datasheet MSDS
AZ-2402 CoteALL® Hi-Heat Silicone Aluminum Datasheet MSDS
LB-1604 V-Tech® 355 Low Odor/Hi-Hide Dri-Mist Eggshell Datasheet MSDS
LB-1620 V-Tech® 350 Alkyd Dri-Mist Semi-Gloss Datasheet MSDS
LB-1625 V-Tech® 325 Alkyd Dri-Mist Flat Datasheet MSDS
LU-Series V-Tech® 600 Fast Dry Universal Primer Datasheet MSDS
To the best of our knowledge, all Diamond Vogel Paint products which fall under the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulation,
meet the requirements as stated in 16 CFR 1303. If a General Conformity Certification is required for a specific product,
please email us here.
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Material Satety Data Sheets for our products.
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